Because sales are not solely made in the fitting rooms, Cent Façons offers you a wide range of accessories to help promote your products.
Please don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you want – we will customize it in every possible finish.

  1. Present your leather goods beautifully with these single and double chromed display racks.
  2. Create the perfect shoe display with this elegant chromed steel display stand.
  3. Show off your belts to their best advantage with this ideal support.
  4. Put the spotlight on your sales area with this hat display stand.
  5. Inform your customers about your latest products and offers.
  6. This frame can be replaced with a mirror, enabling your customers to admire your jewellery.
  7. This small Acrylic support provides you with a clear and simple means for customer communication.
  8. Nothing beats these jewellery display units for generating sales.